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What’s included during your stay with us?

Functional and modern furniture (wardrobes, beds with slats, night tables, mirrors, desk, desk chair, etc)

Utility costs (up to a predeterminade limit)

Internet Wi-Fi connection

All maintenance works (both ordinary and extraordinary)

All the operating costs (lease registration, final cleaning, etc)

No agency fees if you book with us!

No Waste Time

If you have already rented a room before, you know for sure how long it takes to find the perfect place and to deal with all the paperwork and the other arrangements.

If you haven’t experienced this yet, this is what awaits you:

  • Wasting time to choose the right district
  • Wasting time dealing with estate agencies
  • Wasting time to visit dozens of apartments
  • Wasting time dealing with the paperwork
  • Wasting time to understand how to deal with utilities
  • Figuring out how to get the Residence permit at Police headquarters (Questura)
  • Requesting the Codice Fiscale (Insurance number) if you don’t have one
  • Dealing with all the paperwork to apply for your VISA

We only choose apartments located in the best districts and in convenient areas, where public transports and the main services are close at hand.

You won’t have to put up with long negotiations with landlords or tenants for the management of the apartment. We will also offer support and assistance to deal with bureaucracy and all the administrative procedures.

You can save so much time and get a room in perfect condition, differently from the ones that you generally find around.


No Risk

Renting a room may seem simple, but some hidden and unexpected problems can often complicate this process.

Everyone experienced at leas one of these inconveniences:

  • Problems with the lease or the paperwork in general
  • Having a hard time in getting back the deposit
  • Problems with maintenance works and unexpected expenses
  • Problems right before signing the lease

Our leases are transparent and easy to understand. Everything will be clear immediately and you can be sure you won’t have any nasty surprise, as it often happens with private landlords that rent apartment and aiming to withhold the deposit.

Our All Inclusive Formula can solve all your problems!


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